Caribbean Cruise (43rd Anniversary)

Some “recently discovered” pictures from the Grand Cayman portion of the cruise.

True left-hand driving!

The one important part was the wedding. We had met the new parents-in-law, from Duluth, GA, on the front deck on the first night out. The wife had an accent that I could recognize, though her husband’s accent proved that he “wasn’t from ’round heyah.”

Their son would be getting married when we arrived in Grand Cayman. Never thought we’d hear about the wedding again, but we saw the bride and her maid-of-honor. Can you imagine carting all of that fru-fru and finery to another country to get married? Wait a minute! Seems like our DAUGHTER and SON-IN-LAW did that 17+ years ago!! In Jamaica! More power to all of those brave enough to attempt the high seas AND carry all of your finery with you to do that!!

I wouldn’t want to have to CARRY all of this STUFF to another country!!

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