Caribbean Cruise — reflections on trip

Every night while on our cruise, our room steward, Tryana (from Indonesia), made us a different “towel critter.” I can only find 4 of the 5 pictures of the ones he created and left for us, during his “turn down” service.

I know that, on our last cruise, I attended a “towel class” where we were taught how to fold the towels like these creatures.

And I know that I bought a BOOK that shows you how to “create” with towels and washcloths.

But I also know that my granddaughter hasn’t digested that book yet to show me how to do these. So. I’ll have to settle for taking pictures of the ones that someone else does!



On our last day onboard, we took a tour of the ship.  AMAZING!  THAT was the best tour we’ve EVER taken!  Cost about $50/each and can only be taken if there is one full day before docking (“day at sea”), but it is WELL worth it!

The “Tour of the Ship” group. I’m never far from the Captain of the boat (on his left, in red)! hehe!

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