PROPOSED Wyoming Trip

OK, life is about to be complete-ER. The people in Buffalo, WY have decided to have “Longmire Days” again this year. And WE ARE GOING!!!

The TV show “Longmire” was cancelled last year by a young-people-are-the-only-ones-who-count jerk-wad executive at A&E (who later resigned after all of the hoopla by the we’re-over-the-hill-and-we-still-matter crowd hit the fan).

So, for a long time, there was no word as to whether or not “Longmire Days” in Buffalo, WY would ever be held in July again. Buffalo is the home of the AUTHOR of the “Longmire” series, Craig Johnson, so they have always held “Longmire Days” near his home. Complete with visits by (some of) the actors that portray the characters in the TV series, including Robert Taylor, Lou Diamond Phillips, etc. Buffalo is the also the de facto model for the town in the “Longmire” series, the fictional Durante, WY.

But “Longmire” has finally been picked up by Netflix and will begin shooting the 4th season of the show in March 2015. So “Longmire Days” in Buffalo is a GOOOO! And this time, Jimmy and I are GOOOOOOing!!

Now. My reason for saying all of this is that we want YOUR ideas of places to visit while we’re on the way there and back. We need to be in Buffalo by July 15th and will stay 4-5 days. We leave Ashland City, Tenn. (where we attend a family reunion there almost every summer) sometime after the 4th of July, headed northwest into the great unknown. I’m sure that Mt. Rushmore, Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Tetons, etc. will be part of the purview, as will Cheyenne and Denver on the way home.

What else is “out there” that you’ve seen and recommend? We’ve seen St. Louis, but nothing west of there, that far north. Taking recommendations.

Let us know, ’cause Jimmy’s Twitter finger is dying to tweet!


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